14 dogs have a new chance at life after a grueling 1000 mile plus trip all the way from Mississippi to Pittsburgh. Landpilots Kevin Survinski and Alice Anders piloted the Landplane to Cincinnati this morning to meet the amazing folks from Tunica HumaneSociety where they transferred 14 dogs to our team. These dogs came from over-crowded shelters down south where they faced harsh conditions and a bleak future. The sad fact is that these are the lucky ones. So many others are still stuck in these conditions.

Groups like Tunica fight hard to give these animals a chance. The animals are coming to Pittsburgh where the wonderful people at Western PA Humane Society will take them in and find them homes. Special thanks to Joy Braunstein, the director of WPHS, for passionately over-seeing this mission. Teamwork. This is a great example of the kinds of missions we love. Everyone all fighting to make this happen.

Missions like these and others are only possible with the help of our friends. We are super excited to debut our 2016 No Dog Left Behind Calendar which is available starring today. Proceeds from the sale of this calendar go directly to funding these missions. Please consider purchasing one today!