A visit to Animal Friends to give a dog a second chance by Mike and Jennifer De Rosa in 2005 turned into a love affair that lasted nearly a decade. Farah was a shy and timid girl when the De Rosa’s took her home. She quickly blossomed into a loving companion who evolved with them as they added to their family with son Mike. To honor Farah and all dogs who need a second chance Mike and Jennifer sponsored todays mission in her memory. Thanks Farah for being a part of saving 11 of your friends.

Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Pete Lehmen along with Pilots Bob Calabrisi and Jeremy Gugino to two planes today to Charleston to meet our friends at B.A.R.C Boone Animal Rescue Coalition to pickup 11 dogs all in need of a second chance. Their backstories were heartbreaking but their future is breathtaking. Some of these puppies were found in a box at a flea market. Sad. Shame on those who see no value in these lives. The team loaded up and flew to Beaver County Airport to meet Beaver County Humane Society who will be adopting out these animals once they clear the vet.