The Landteam is on the road with new pilots Jan Kerr and Jackie Nixon taking the helm to save 42 puppies today. The girls left yesterday and spent the night in a hotel and woke up this morning to continue this mission. When Jan and Jackie loaded the last of the puppies on the landplane the No Dog Left Behind team crossed an important threshold. 1000 animals saved THIS year. Best part is we still have a few months to go and we are firing on all cylinders!!! Awesome work ladies. 1200 miles in two days to rescue 42 animals officially makes your Professional Animal Rescuers!

All 42 animals will arrive at the worlds best animal shelter North Shore Animal League America today and will be available for adoption in about a week. We urge all of you to contact them and adopt one of these record setting animals. Danger to safety, its a great day for doggies.