The second part of our Rescuepalloza Sunday features star Pilots Bob Calabrisi and Jeff Bonasso who took the tiger on a multi-stop mission to save 9 doggies who were scheduled to be euthanized. Our friends at The Paws Squad met the pilots in Charleston, WV and loaded up the plane which then flew to Hagerstown, MD to meet Love on a Leash Shelter. The young lady in the photos was the daughter of the owner and was so excited to receive all these dogs! She kept asking “Mom can we keep them all?” I think we found a future No Dog Left Behind volunteer. Great rescue weekend for No Dog Left Behind! Close to 40 lives changed. Thanks everyone for the kind words, the likes, and the shares. Your support means so much to us. We can’t do this without you Facebook Friends!!!

P.S. The guys flew through a rainbow!!! Guess what was at the end of that rainbow….puppies!