The No Dog Left Behind Land Team led by Land Pilots Christine Span and Joe Thornton left yesterday afternoon and drove to Martinsville, VA to prepare for a huge mission. This morning the duo woke up and loaded 36 dogs on the Landplane and are on the road now to meet our friends at North Shore Animal League America. A mission of hope for these puppies as they are going from Danger to Safety.

These puppies are amazing folks. We are so happy they all have a new lease on life. After the dogs are vetted and quarantined they will be available for adoption at North Shore. 1200 mile road trips are nothing for these uber dedicated Landpilots. 2 days on the road to save 36 animals. Wow….we are impressed.

Only a few more times to say this so bear with us a little longer… Please consider supporting us by purchasing a ticket to our fundraiser on August 22, 2015. This fundraiser funds our mission. Without it we cannot help these animals.