Amazing morning for dog rescuing. The air team got word last night of 10 dogs that were in desperate need. One of the dogs was coming from an extremely abusive situation but we did not have room in our plane. Brad and Jonathan were prepared to fly back again later in the day but after some frantic calls we were able to secure a second plane. There was no way we were going to let that abused dog miss out on a second chance. Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Brad Childs in plane one and Pilots Jeff Bonasso and Patrick Wysor in the second. Midway through the flight we got word that 5 of the dogs could not fly today due to kennel cough. We plan on going back for them when they are healthy. 4 puppies and an adult that needed a second chance and serious love…all saved today. The dogs will be available Forever Home Beagle Rescue. Please someone adopt the adult and complete the happy ending.

Only 6 more days till the party. Its huge everyone…huge. Don’t miss out on the party of the year.