Ok prepare yourself for these pics. 39 absolutely adorable puppies are in one giant van, wrapped up to look like an airplane, barreling down the highway on their puppy mission of hope. Landpilots John and Kevin left yesterday for Martinsville, VA to prepare for this mornings pickup. A few minutes ago the guys met up with the puppies and got them all situated in their seats for their journey to North Shore Animal League America‚Äč where the dogs will surely spend a minimum amount of time before they become someones next love. Dogs with little hope, given a second chance to thrive. Wow…we absolutely love this charity!!! What an amazing way to spend your day! Great work John and Kevin. You guys are rockstars. Don’t let the puppies drive over the speed limit this time though.

Our fundraiser is now 11 days away! One of the big features this year is our friends from North Shore are going to be at the party with 40 dogs available for adoption! Just when you thought it was safe to come…bam…now you may end up having a new friend following you home. Feel free to blame Jonathan and Brad if you get in trouble with your significant other when you come home with a puppy. Tickets are available today at www.nodogleftbehind.org/tickets

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