The Air Team was up today with a mission that was in honor of a loved one. The Horvat Family wanted to find a way to honor their loved one and decided to sponsor a mission today to give hope to animals on the verge of being hopeless. The family wrote the following:

“In memory of Richard H. Ruhl December 17, 1928- May 28, 2015 The strong soldier and the quiet man who loved dogs of all kinds, but especially Beagles. This one is for Richard and his beloved Beagle of 17 years, Rebel “Reb”.

Pilots Jonathan and Kristi in the Diamond with one Momma dog and her eight puppies and newcomers Noah and Pat in their Piper with 5 big doggies including a special Husky. The team flew to Charleston, WV were they met Eva and the Team at B.A.R.C along with Selena and the team at Paws Squad. The animals were then transported to the Beaver County Humane Society and South Hills Pet Resort. 14 lucky dogs all given a second chance at a new life.

These missions rely on donations. Thank you to the Horvat family for honoring Richard and Reb in such a unique way. Please help keep us in the sky and on the road by purchasing a ticket to our event on August 22, 2015 by going to