Honey, lets take a few days off of work and do a No Dog Left Behind mission together. The Kautz family are a husband and wife duo that left Pittsburgh yesterday, drove to Martinsville, VA, picked up 65 dogs and cats, and are now en route to meet our friends at North Shore Animal League America to hand them off. North Shore will find great homes for each and every one of these animals after a nice bath and any needed medical care. 65 animals with a dire future, saved and brought to safety. As a bonus one lucky kitty will travel back from North Shore and meet her forever home in Pittsburgh. What a team, what a mission.

We succeed for two reasons:
1. You, your support, your donations, and your love.
2. A team of absolutely remarkable volunteers that make it happen each and every time. These are folks who spend two days on the road traveling over 1200 miles.

Join us for our once a year event by purchasing tickets at www.nodogleftbehind.org/tickets

One ticket saves a life. Its the best way to be a No Dog Left Behind of what we do. Come Fly With US.