One dog. One mission that we could never have envisioned would turn into something big. “Lets start a non-profit and rescue dogs with the airplane” The idea seemed far fetched, immature. What we knew about starting a charity could fill a dog bowl. We stumbled along in the beginning trying to learn, trying to build this thing. We made a lot of it up as we went, flying by the seat of our pants. Today we reach a milestone that we are humbled to see in writing.

Early this morning our Landpilots picked up 50+ animals in Virginia. One of these animals on board is the 1000th rescue. Its a number that seemed so large in the beginning when we daydreamed about the future. Now it feels small, like the first mile marker on a long journey. With each passing milestone the team gets stronger, more determined than ever to keep seeing the rescue number tick upward. While we can once again dream about the next milestone we want to pause to say thank you. So many people have helped us along the way. Thank you for helping us in our mission to leave No Dog Left Behind – Jonathan and Brad.