Laura and John woke up bright and early to meet up with their passengers. 29 doggies, all on the verge of being put down, saved by the team! Look at these adorable faces! How could anyone not want these animals. The No Dog Left Behind team was notified that these animals were on the verge of being euthanized and sprung into action. Within a few days the logistics were set, the transport team was picked, and the mission was given the green light. The landpilots first drove to Charelston, WV and checked into a hotel after a grueling 7 hour drive in very difficult weather. The following morning the team arrived at the pickup spot and loaded up the animals. From there it was an 8 hour drive to Lancaster, PA where they were greeted like hers upon arrival by a very eager staff of workers at the SPCA along with Facebook fans who were eager to adopt after following the mission online. Once completed the team made the long drive home. 29 animals saved, 1000 miles of travel, and rescuers John and Laura are already eager to go again. Good work everyone!