Well it was an amazingly gorgeous day in the sky. Pilots Brad Childs, Jonathan Plesset, Bob Calibrisi, and Jeff Bonasso first took the Diamond and the Cessna to breakfast to fuel up and go over the plan. We played musical chairs so each of us could fly each others planes. It was a great learning tool. In Yeager, WV we picked up a older doggie who was thrilled to go on her first sky adventure. From there we flew with Huntington, WV to pickup an extremely cute beagle. We flew back to Pittsburgh with our precious cargo on board. So happy that we were able to turn a simple day of flying into a lifesaving adventure. 2 dogs who wouldn’t have normally been able to fly with us did. Special thanks to the Pilots who came out of pocket to pay for this trip. 2 dogs down…many more to go to reach our goal of saving them all.