Last year at this time todays mission would have been cancled due to low cloud ceilings. The planes can’t get off the ground. Today is a new day though. Planes can’t go? No problem. The No Dog Left Behind Ground Pilots take over. Today is the offical first mission with our Landplane. No Dog Left Behind Ground Pilots Melonie and Lynda woke up at 4am to drive to Charelston WV to meet Eva and the B.A.R.C. team to rescue 9 doggies. The van was loaded up and the Ground Pilots made their way back to Pittsburgh. The dogs went to Beaver County Humane Society and Western PA Humane Society. Can we please show Melonie and Lynda some love for both getting up at 4am, driving 12 hours, and inaugurating our our new landplane. Melanie and Lynda earned their wings today. Take a look at some of the adorable pictures from the mission: