We have been pretty busy the last few days. Lots of exciting stuff going on for No Dog Left Behind. We are happy to tell everyone that we did a mission that will be featured on Inside Edition. Brad and Jonathan started off the trip with a 6 hour drive to Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. Since we would be taking three members of the Inside Edition crew with us, and a member of North Shore Animal League America, we had to charter a bigger plane. We secured a King Air 200 which is a really great multi-engine plane and departed KTEB early in the morning for Charleston, WV. We arrived to see 12 amazing dogs waiting for us at the airport. We loaded up the doggies and headed back to New York. Along the way we had some unfortunate incidents with flying puppy poop and our very own Brad got covered. It was a small price to pay and will make for great TV. When we landed at KTEB we were met by the amazing folks at North Shore Animal League America. We loaded the dogs on their transport vehicle and headed for their facility on Long Island. The dogs were taken in, vetted, and placed in their system for adoption. A very tired Jonathan and Brad then drove back to Pittsburgh. All in all we drove close 1000 miles and flew about 500 miles. It was an amazing experience for the team. We were thrilled to have made some new friends in the rescue community and some new friends at Inside Edition.