We are honored to have received a donation from someone who has done so much for animals. Someone who has taken opportunities and turned them into a powerful message for the well being of animals. If we could do 1/100th of what she has done for our furry friends, we would be beyond proud. That said, we are so pleased to announce that Rachael Ray and Rachael’s Rescue has donated $25,000.00 to help fund our mission. Her donation alone could help us save over 500 dogs.

On behalf of the entire No Dog Left Behind team, Brad and Jonathan would like to say thank you to Rachael for doing so much, for so many. We are truly honored and humbled by your generosity.

We started No Dog Left Behind with a simple idea. We asked ourselves: What if we tried. What if we put a tiny bit of effort into something we believe in and see what becomes of that effort. The obstacles were immense. Could a couple of guys with no rescue experience come in and make a difference? We never thought it would grow this fast, this quick. To date, we have rescued 800 dogs and have a huge opportunity ahead of us to make effective changes for the love of animals. We are consistently amazed by the faith, the kindness, and the generosity of those who have helped us along the way.

Thank you!