Even those in need have an obligation to give back. What you put out in the world comes back to you. These are the themes that the No Dog Left Behind team has been thinking about this holiday season.

We founded No Dog Left Behind with the idea that it only takes one person to decide to take action to affect change on an issue that is near and dear to them. We have seen first hand the power of that ideal. You have all been a part of this with us even if you didn’t realize it. Your support inspires us to do more. Go further. Carry more. In honor of our supporters we have decided to make a donation of 1000 pounds of dog food to a shelter that is doing some amazing work, South Hills Pet Rescue and Rehabilitation Resort. All of you helped play a part in this donation. Your support is what made this possible.

Please help us continue our mission. We say “our” because when we receive help, whether it be by sharing our stories, donating your time, providing financial assistance, you become a member of the No Dog Left Behind team. We are all in this together now. We read all of your comments, we take all of your kind words to heart. The No Dog Left Behind team is almost 12,000 people strong now. Help grow the family. Please share this status. Let’s grow the team. Thank you everyone for all your support and happy holidays.

We made a video about this donation. Click here to view the video.