What a day. 22 dogs saved from being euthanized. So happy yet so exhausted. Pilot Bob and our new volunteer Ray Miller arrived at 5:30am and headed down to Charleston, WV to meet the dogs. The team loaded up and made their way back first to Beaver County and then back to Allegheny County. Total time spent…13 hours. An amazing expereince. These dogs needed us badly. It was hard on us emotionally to see some of them in such a dire situation. Not to worry though…these dogs are SAVED. What a year for our team. Can we squeeze more into the year? Probably 🙂 Take a look at the video. Hopefully it give you a better idea of what we do. Help us save more. While we hate to ask we do need your support. www.nodogleftbehind.org/donate. Please share the video. Ask your friends to share. Let’s shine a huge spotlight on this issue and try and get more people involved. The more people we reach the more animals can be saved

Watch the whole rescue play out on video