Exhausted. The team is both emotionally and physically drained from todays epic rescue. The day started at 7am with Pilots and Co-Founders  Jonathan Plesset and Brad Childs arriving at the hanger to clean all of our crates. By 10am the plane we rented arrived at KAGC. Coming with us was 1000 pounds of food which we were going to take down to Charleston with us. Due to loading issues we were only able to take 600 pounds. Not an issue though since we were able to donate the rest to South Hill Pet Resort. We arrived in Charelston to meet with with BARC who had 17 dogs at the airport all waiting to hitch a ride with us. The circumstances surrounding these dogs needs was heartbreaking. Some of the dogs came from woefully under funded shelters with no running water and no electricity. Others came from abusive home situations. It was beyond sad. The good news though is all these dogs have a second chance now. 11 of the dogs went to Western PA Humane Society and 6 went to South Hills Pet Resort. In a few days all of these dogs will be available for adoption and all will end up in their forever homes. One dog could not make the trip though. We stuffed the plane as full as it could be. The one dog that we could not fit was taken by a foster home. We will come for you pooch. We promise.

Upon our arrival back to Pittsburgh we were greeted by an amazing site. 12 people all dressed in black jump suits! The whole team was on hand to greet us at KAGC. It was a wonderful moment to see the entire No Dog Left Behind in one place at the same time. The crew helped us all unload and get these doggies off to the next exciting chapter in their lives. Tons of support from volunteers both here and in West Virginia made this happen. It leaves our hearts full to know that these animals all have received a second chance. Please hug your pets tonight. They don’t know of the horror that we see. On thanksgiving this year we at No Dog Left Behind are thankful for all the support we received this year and very appreciative of the countless volunteers that make this happen. Danger to safety. 17 dogs today have a new lease on life. Thank you everyone!