Operation Jakester was a HUGE success. After being grounded last week by torrential downpours the team rebounded in a big way. Pilots Bob Calabrisi, Jonathan Plesset, Brad Childs and Jeff took to the sky on a multi-state, multi-plane rescue. At 7:30 am Bob and Jeff Bonasso took the Cessna 182 to Yeager, WV. At 7:35 am Jon and Brad took the Diamond DA40 to Yeager as well. With both planes safely on the ground in WV we loaded up 5 dogs in the Diamond and 6 dogs in the Cessna. The Cessna took all 6 dogs to Pittsburgh where they were given to the Western PA Humane Society. Jon and Brad took their 5 dogs to Delaware, OH where they were given to a local rescue shelter where they will be put up for adoption. A few of these dogs were found abandoned including the roughy 8 week old puppy. All of the pilots made it safely back to Pittsburgh.

We are thrilled to have done our first sponsored mission from our Indiegogo campaign. Please consider sponsoring a mission by going to http://igg.me/at/paart. On behalf of the team and the Toubo’s, who sponsored the mission on behalf of their dog Jake, we want to thank everyone who helped make this mission possible. Special thanks to our flight coordinator Linda Childs who put this mission together twice in one week!