It was an epic rescue  for No Dog Left Behind this past weekend. We did four rescues in a period of 30 hours resulting in the rescue of 15 dogs! Combining multiple airplanes and for the first time a car we were able to pull off one of our largest rescues to date.

The first part of the journey was to Huntington, WV in our Piper. Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Pete Lehmann flew to KHTS to pickup 6 Beagles. From there they flew to Upshar, WV (W22) to pickup 2 more Beagles. The plane was extremely full and overweight but the look on the dogs faces prevented Jonathan and Pete from leaving any of them behind.

The next part of the mission saw pilots Brad Childs and Bob Calabrisi fly the Cessna to Charelston, WV to pickup 5 dogs. One of the dogs had recently had surgery and had to lay down on the floor behind the pilots. The dogs were well behaved and the flight went off without a hitch.

The following morning pilots Brad Childs and Pete Lehmann flew the Piper to Ohio State University to rescue an adorable pointer. The Pointer had the whole plane to himself and enjoyed the first class cabin space. Both pilots were exhausted after a longer than expected flight in extremely high winds.

Finally later in the day newcomer Blair Ashley picked up a Rottweiler puppy in Baltimore, MD and transporter him to Somerset, PA where he was adopted. It was No Dog Left Behind’s first ground rescue.

After almost a 1000 total miles traveled 15 dogs got a new chance at life thanks to our team.