Introducing the PAART Disaster Relief and Rescue Trailer

The new PAART Disaster Relief and Rescue Trailer is an exciting addition to our fleet of transport vehicles. This custom built 24 foot trailer comes complete with integrated cages which can safely hold up to 70 animals. In addition the trailer is outfitted with a HVAC climate controlled system to insure that animals can be safely transported in comfort. Running water and a sink, self contained electric generator, and cargo space round out the features of this game changing addition to PAART. Combined with our existing fleet, rescues of over 100 animals at a time is now possible. This new solution for our team is the game changer we have been waiting for!

Become a PAART of the life saving work this new addition will provide. Purchase your very own custom inscribed spot of this incredible animal rescue vehicle.

The Bone
Help be a PAART of the team by making a $100 purchase for your own dog bone logo on the truck. Your bone can be inscribed with up to 54 characters of text. A Bone is great way to immortalized a beloved pet. It costs our team around $25 to save one animal. Your purchase will help give 4 animals a second chance.
A Window Seat
The trailer is wrapped to look like a larger version of our Landplane. With 10 windows on each side there are a total of 20 animals hanging out of the window of the plane. For a $750 donation you can sponsor one of these animals by giving them a special name along with a short message to be displayed under their name. This is a great way to honored a loved one, show your companies commitment to animal rescue, and help us rescue 20 animals.
Prime Spot on the Back!
The rear gate of the trailer has a special design showing our website and message along with 10 animals looking up at it. For a $1000 donation you can sponsor one these animals by giving them a name along and inscribing them with your message honoring someone or recognizing your companies commitment to animal rescue. Your donation will allow our team to rescue up to 40 animals.