As a pilot you know the best way to keep sharp is to fly more. Transporting at risk animals from danger to safety is a great way to use your airplane. Our missions typically last a few hours and involve an IFR flight to and from an airport. Weight is rarely a factor in these flight. Volume is the enemy. Every animal must be in a USDA approved crate. Getting the crates in and out of your plane is always a challenge. Our pilots know a few tricks that we will be happy to teach you. Most air missions involve 4 to 10 animals depending on the crate size. To act as PIC of a mission you must hold a current IFR rating. You can choose to fly with or without a co-pilot but we generally prefer that you bring someone to make things easier for you.  The co-pilot does not need to be a licensed pilot.  Fill out the Pilot Application form and we will be in touch with you. Welcome to the best excuse to fly you have every had!

Pilot Application

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  • By submitting this form you accept responsibility for ensuring you are and will remain in compliance with all pilot and aircraft related Federal Aviation Administration regulations. Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team (PAART) is a volunteer organization. PAART pilots voluntarily provide free air transportation by privately owned or rented aircraft for special need rescue animals and are not financially reimbursed for the expenses of the flights. PAART Pilots providing help with promotion, educations programs, or emergency fosters for animals in transport are not financially reimbursed for any personal expenses.

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