The PAART Disaster Relief and Transport Trailer is the next evolution of the PAART rescue platform. This custom made, purpose built trailer features built in animal crates, space for storage, independent climate control, and a built in generator for power.  The front section offers our team a small workspace with sink which will allow our Landpilots to be stationed away from PAART headquarters during extended rescue missions. This 24 foot custom trailer is towed by a dedicated PAART truck which will also double as small transport Landplane when not being used for the trailer. 

Currently under construction in North Carolina we anticipate delivery in early spring of 2017.  


  • Response team coordinates with FEMA, ASPCA, and organizations like the American Humane Society to help save animals affected by disasters.
  • Trailer acts as a mobile PAART command Center, able to deploy to areas where both transport and onsite coordination is needed.
  • When not in use as a mobile command center, the trailer can be configured for animal rescue transport. Towed by a dedicated PAART truck.


  • Transport between 25 to 50 animals at a time depending on configuration.
  • Transport medical supplies, food, and equipment to areas where animals are in crisis.
  • Provides an on the ground meeting and assembly point for PAART ground team and mission coordinator.
  • Doubles the transport capability of the PAART Landplane.