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The PAART team is passionate about saving animals. Whether it be by land or by air the team is on constant standby, ready to mobilize at a moments notice. Over the last few years our missions have varied in both size and scope. Every mission has unique circumstances and challenges. From large land rescues, to spur of the moment air missions, to humanitarian missions, the team is ready and willing to go to any lengths to leave No Dog Left Behind.

This rescue log features stories and pictures from some of our missions. Please take a look and feel free to share the posts. Bringing awareness to the plight of these animals is a part of our mission. With enough awareness on the issues facing shelters, rescues, and animals in general, we hope to put an end to needless suffering.

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Dogs from a Cruelty Case: 18 Months Later

by Jonathan Plesset

Recently, four gorgeous dogs went on the freedom ride of ALL freedom rides. 18 months ago we received a call asking for our assistance on a cruelty case with the Pennsylvania State Police. In the middle of the night our founders Brad Childs and Jonathan Plesset mobilized a small team to deploy into a very […]

51 Dog Rescue Mission

by Jonathan Plesset

51 animals pulled from rural underfunded shelters woke up this morning with a second chance thanks to PAART Land Pilots Carolyn Jochymek and Christina McCool Colantoni. Each one has a story that pulled at our hearts when we learned about where they came from and the dire circumstances that defined their lives. Missions like this […]

16 Animal Given Hope

by Jonathan Plesset

15 dogs and 1 cat who were running out of time took a trip with PAART Land Team Pilots Lisa Thomas and Lori Kraus to a new beginning and a second chance on the PAART Landplane. The rescue duo, who are sisters, set out for multiple stops in Virginia and PA over the course of […]

Abandoned Mom’s And Their Pups Rescued

by Jonathan Plesset

21 dogs were flown to a new beginning thanks to PAART Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Brad Childs. Two set of mom’s and their pups, all with special circumstances, needed our help. Their story touched us and we knew we had to help. The first mom had just given birth to a litter of pups when […]

Clearing Two Shelters

by Jonathan Plesset

54 dogs of all ages, from puppies to seniors, made the journey from danger to safety over the weekend after we cleared out two shelters of all of their dogs! Landpilots David Stash and Diane Fasciano braved challenging driving conditions while on their way to meet our rescue partners, Wags To Riches – Helping Animals […]

19 Dogs From Arkansas

by Jonathan Plesset

19 dogs flew to safety during an urgent mission that demonstrated our unique ability to jump into action and deploy our air power to help animals in need. We got word that 19 animals from Arkansas needed immediate air rescue. With the shelter over capacity, finding a suitable destination on short notice meant a long […]

55 Animals Transported From Danger to Safety

by Jonathan Plesset

55 animals were rescued from underfunded rural shelters and given a second chance on our PAART Land Plane by Landpilots David Stash and Carolyn Jochymek. The duo set off for a two day journey to give these animals safe passage to their new life. Smaller shelters that work tirelessly to help animals are always faced […]

33 Dogs Saved

by Jonathan Plesset

33 dogs took a second chance journey from three different shelters in Eastern Kentucky thanks to a lot of love and a few PAART Land Pilots. Included on this trip were four recent graduates from the Eastern Kentucky Correctional Complex! These special dogs live with the inmates for 6 weeks and are a part of […]

44 Animals Rescued

by Jonathan Plesset

30 dogs, 14 cats, 1328 Miles driven, 3 days on the road, and over 23 hours of driving. The numbers speak volumes about the dedication of PAART Landpilots David Stash and Christina McCool Colantoni. These two amazing volunteers set out to help 44 animals from rural shelters for whom a second chance came in the […]

Dogs Rescued From Hoarding Case

by Jonathan Plesset

12 dogs have a second chance thanks to a special air mission to South Carolina by PAART Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Dean Heffernan. The mission was our first of 2019 and we are thrilled to start the year with such a heartwarming rescue flight. A 10 year old Havanese named Jackson had to be surrendered […]