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The PAART team is passionate about saving animals. Whether it be by land or by air the team is on constant standby, ready to mobilize at a moments notice. Over the last few years our missions have varied in both size and scope. Every mission has unique circumstances and challenges. From large land rescues, to spur of the moment air missions, to humanitarian missions, the team is ready and willing to go to any lengths to leave No Dog Left Behind.

This rescue log features stories and pictures from some of our missions. Please take a look and feel free to share the posts. Bringing awareness to the plight of these animals is a part of our mission. With enough awareness on the issues facing shelters, rescues, and animals in general, we hope to put an end to needless suffering.

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33 Dog Air and Land Rescue Mission

by Jonathan Plesset

33 dogs trapped by a huge snowstorm in the south were given a second chance thanks to a joint PAART Air and Land Rescue mission. PAART Pilots Pete Lehmann and Jonathan Plesset, along with PAART Landpilots Carolyn Jochymek and Emily Lewkowicz, took part in a unique mission that was only made possible by our ability […]

28 animal rescue mission

by Jonathan Plesset

8 dogs and 20 cats have a team of saviors watching over and helping them on their journey from Danger to Safety. PAART Landpilots Mark Britton and Megan Becer made the long journey to Florence, SC to help give a second chance to 28 souls for whom a ride to a new beginning meant all […]

32 Animals for James Fair

by Jonathan Plesset

32 animals were flown from Danger to Safety by PAART Pilots Jonathan Plesset, Pete Lehmann, Brad Childs, and Brian Moody. This mission took on special meaning as we did it honor of solider James Fair who was disabled by an IED in Afghanistan. His example of dedication, overcoming the odds, and service to something greater […]

50 Dog Land Mission

by Jonathan Plesset

50 dogs made a second chance journey from danger to safety with PAART Landpilots Dennis Bayne and Val Jackson. This mission is a heartwarming example of the power of dedicated people like Dennis and Val who dropped everything to spend two days on the road to make a difference in the lives of 50 animals. […]

The Dodo Features PAART!

by Jonathan Plesset

We are honored that the The Dodo picked up our story. If you don’t already like their page, please do. Their stories of hope and love for animals are near and dear to our hearts. Thank you to all of the men and women who have devoted their time and energy to our mission: No […]

Top Gun

by Jonathan Plesset

What does an Air Force Pilot do on his day off when he is not protecting our county? He helps give a second chance to 13 dogs whose only hope was a flight from danger to safety. PAART Pilots Pete Lehmann and Brian Moody took flight yesterday on the PAART plane for Kentucky where 13 […]

For Kitty Cagney

by Jonathan Plesset

33 dogs have a second chance thanks to PAART Landpilots David Stash and Lisa Thomas. Despite less than ideal weather, the two rescue susperstars set out on Monday morning for Martisville, VA where they spent the night in a local hotel to prepare for their rescue mission on Tuesday. 33 animals who needed to leave […]

Thanksgiving Rescue

by Jonathan Plesset

Thousands of hours volunteering their time. Countless land and air missions, over 2000 animals rescued so far this year. From the operations, to the pilots, landpilots, staff, and the board of directors, a simple thank you doesn’t do enough justice. Today we are thankful, grateful, and in awe of the men and women who volunteer […]

Happy Birthday Pete

by Jonathan Plesset

What did PAART Pilot Pete Lehmann and Co-Pilot girlfriend and Annie Valdes do on Pete’s birthday? They helped save 21 cats in two part air and land rescue mission. Pete and Annie took the PAART Plane to Charleston, WV where thy met up with our old friends at B.A.R.C Boone Animal Rescue Coalition who had […]

46 Special Dogs

by Jonathan Plesset

These missions leave an imprint on our hearts as we form bonds with both the animals and the passionate people who share our goal: to leave no dog left behind. Today 46 dogs have a chance at a new beginning because the love we share for animals bonds us together. PAART Landpilots Elizabeth Zappa and […]