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The PAART team is passionate about saving animals. Whether it be by land or by air the team is on constant standby, ready to mobilize at a moments notice. Over the last few years our missions have varied in both size and scope. Every mission has unique circumstances and challenges. From large land rescues, to spur of the moment air missions, to humanitarian missions, the team is ready and willing to go to any lengths to leave No Dog Left Behind.

This rescue log features stories and pictures from some of our missions. Please take a look and feel free to share the posts. Bringing awareness to the plight of these animals is a part of our mission. With enough awareness on the issues facing shelters, rescues, and animals in general, we hope to put an end to needless suffering.

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Ice Storms Ahead

by Jonathan Plesset

It was one of our most challenging air rescues. Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Brad Childs headed out to help 18 dogs that needed rescued. What started as a routine flight quickly turned critical when a massive ice storm popped up and changed the day. With less than 80 miles to go the weather suddenly changed […]

Flood Victim Dog’s Saved

by Jonathan Plesset

When a flood wiped out their shelter 3 dogs needed rescue. A joint mission between the Air and Land team helped these special dogs make the long journey from Danger to Safety. First up in the sky was the Air Team with Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Pete Lehmann at the controls of N412AR. The guys […]

44 Animals Saved

by Jonathan Plesset

44 animals from various under-funded shelters took a special trip from danger to safety with PAART Landpilots Carolyn and Dennis yesterday. 37 dogs and 7 cats now have a chance to find the love that all animals desire. The need to love and be a part of the “pack” is ingrained in these animals from […]

Our 10,000th Rescue

by Jonathan Plesset

Saving one animal can be the spark that ignites a passion to do more. From one animal, to two, to ten, or even to a 1,000, taking that first step is all that is needed. A few years ago the desire to help one animal created the Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team. Along the way […]

14 Animals on the Road

by Jonathan Plesset

11 dogs and 3 cats are traveling on the highway in West Virginia heading for a new life and a second chance with PAART Landpilots Dennis Bayne and Kelly Genovese. They are probably listening to some good tunes with the sights and sounds of the road whistling through their crates. Today for these 14 is […]

37 Animals Find Hope

by Jonathan Plesset

For 32 dogs and 5 cats a second chance would come thanks to a special mission sponsored by Dale Glasser in honor of Saba, her beloved pet. Saba’s memory will carry on in the form of 37 animals that have gone from Danger to Safety thanks to PAART Landpilots Brittany Lewkowicz and Marie Regula. For […]

24 Cat Rescue Flight

by Jonathan Plesset

They started the day in an overcrowded shelter in Arkansas and ended the day with a second chance in Pittsburgh. 24 cats flew with PAART Pilots Jonathan Plesset and Adrian Balister on a mission to give each one of them the chance to find a new life. The cats started off at the Humane Society […]


by Jonathan Plesset

14 cats and 1 dog, pulled from rural areas by our friends at the B.A.R.C Boone Animal Rescue Coalition, arrived safely at Providence Animal Center and Mostly Muttz Rescue after a second chance ride with our team. PAART Land Pilots Tim Bouvy and Larry Johnson set out for Morgantown, WV yesterday in the PAART Landplane. […]

Happy Birthday Mike!

by Jonathan Plesset

It’s fitting that on Valentines Day 24 dogs flew from danger to safety on board the PAART Airplane. PAART Pilots Pete Lehmann and 17 year old Pilot Adrian Balister, one of only 4 pilots in the USA who got his Private and IFR Ratings at the same time, flew to Kentucky on a special sponsored […]

18 Animals By Air

by Jonathan Plesset

16 cats and 2 dogs flew to a second chance from an overcrowded shelter on the PAART Plane with PAART Pilots Rebecca Mihalcik and Pete Lehmann. Under a blanket of fog, and a cold front that was moving through causing severe winds, these two pilots had the right stuff to get the job done and […]