PAART understands the importance of maximizing donor resources. Our first job is to keep our fiduciary duty to our donors always at the forefront of our decisions. We do this by applying business principles that we draw upon from our founders and Board of Directors. Every year our goal is to lower our “Cost Per Animal,” or CPA. We measure our efficiency by calculating that number and we use that calculation as a factor in conducting missions. During the first few years, our CPA was around $50. As we started to grow the number decreased as we started to benefit from economies of scale. Two years ago we had the CPA below $30 and so far this year we are close to driving that figure below $15. We do this with careful planning. A mission that would go 750 miles for 5 dogs isn’t feasible and could push the CPA above $50. If we can take animals in both directions or make multiple stops along the way, that number can be cut in half. Each mission is evaluated this way, which keeps our costs under control. People are usually astonished when they hear how little we operate on per year. This is testament to an organization with its roots in harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit.