Major Announcement

We are honored and thrilled to announce an incredible opportunity given to us by the Rachael Ray Foundation, the foundation established by television host and philanthropist, Rachael Ray, and funded by a portion of proceeds from each sale of Rachael RayTM Nutrish® super premium pet foods and treats. Since our inception, our teams of air and land rescue volunteers have saved over 7,500 animals. To help us rescue the next 10,000, the Rachael Ray Foundation has pledged to help our team cover the financing expenses for the purchase of a much larger rescue aircraft, the Mahindra Airvan GA8.

We need your help. In order to secure the plane we are looking to raise $200,000 to cover the downpayment. An anonymous donor has stepped forward and pledged to match all donations up to $50,000. Donations of any size will help our team reach this ambitious goal and with the match your donation is doubled. Your support goes to giving animals in need a second chance. Core to our mission is the belief that no animal should be euthanized for a lack of space when they are merely a flight away from freedom. Help change the life on an animal in danger by pledging your support.

Download an Information Package About the Plane

Why The Airvan?

Safety and Reliability:

The Airvan GA8 is designed to be a rugged back country aircraft meant to land on small strips and haul cargo and passenger in and out of hard-to-reach places. The airplane is simple to operate, uses a reliable and safe engine, and is designed to be forgiving. Most airplanes comply with 7 to 10 amendments to the FAA‘s Part 23 safety standard. The Airvan GA8 meets 55. In addition, the plane has an unparalleled crash worthiness rating. Safety for our pilots and furry friends is paramount.

Cost to Operate:

Our existing plane costs around $225 per hour to operate. The Airvan GA8 costs $206 per hour for three times the payload capacity. With a fixed gear, non-turbo engine, and a very simple control system, the plane operates like an entry level airplane.

Market Demand:

The value of airplanes depreciate by about 3% per year. The Airvan GA8 holds more of its value than other planes and is in very high demand on the used market. This gives the team peace of mind that the investment should be largely recoverable when we move up to a larger platform in the future.

The New vs. Used Debate:

Our team has been on the lookout for this plane for a few years. When used planes come up for sale they are difficult to find due to their high demand. Typically, when they do become available, they have very high engine and airframe times resulting in hidden costs down the road. Buying the plane new will help retain value and create and grow equity that we will leverage for the next platform in the future.


With its huge cargo capacity and wide open cargo area the Airvan offers us three times the amount of space for crates than our current aircraft.

All Donations Matched Up To $50,0000