The PAART team is made up of a diverse staff of passionate animal lovers that have dedicated their time and energy to our core belief of leaving No Dog Left Behind. The team is growing. If you are interested in becoming a pilot for PAART please download our Pilot Application Form. We actively recruit other pilots who are interested in donating their time and aircraft to perform missions.

PAART Pilot Application

Brad Childs

Pilot, Co-Founder/Co-Executive Director

Brad Childs is the Executive Vice President and COO of Eyetique. Brad started flying in 2002. In 2006 Brad got his first taste of rescue flying. The experience transformed him and he recognized that there was a need for more pilots to become involved in these kinds of rescue missions. Brad along with his friend Jonathan became very active in the rescue community and their passion for these rescue flights lead to the creation of a charity. In 2012 Brad became a co-founder of Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team.

Jonathan Plesset

Pilot, Co-Founder/Co-Executive Director

Jonathan Plesset is the President/CEO of Shadyside Inn All Suites Hotel. Jonathan began flying in 2002 along with his friend Brad Childs. In 2009 Brad and Jonathan teamed up to be a part of The Georgia Puppy Caravan. The two raised 50,000 pounds of food and flew down to assist in rescuing 200 plus dogs. Jonathan became convinced that animal rescue was in his future. In 2012 Jon became the co-founder of Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team. Jon is the resident gadget geek and keeps the staff updated with the latest toys.

Linda Childs

Flight Coordinator/Board Member

Linda Childs is the critical piece that keeps us moving. Not only is she co-founder’s Brad Childs’ wife, she is also our flight coordinator. When the word gets out that our services are needed Linda and the go to person to being the coordination of the flights and the team that performs the missions.

Megan Plesset

Community Relations and Outreach/Board Member

Megan Plesset is our community relations and volunteer outreach manager. Megan is the wife of PAART co-founder Jonathan Plesset. Mrs. Plesset’s began her work with PAART in 2012 and has been a huge asset to the team.

Lawrence “Pete” Lehmann

Chief Pilot

Our Chief Pilot, Lawrence “Pete” Lehmann, is a record holding pilot who holds a CFI, CFI-G, MEI, and Commercial rating. In 2002, Pete set a world record for the longest hang glider flight to a declared goal when he flew this Wills Wing Talon 150 a distance of 516.2 km (321 miles) from Zapata, Texas, to Big Lake, Texas. Lehmann’s 9-hour goal flight, which he had to declare before taking off, exceeded the previous record by 16.1 km (10 miles). He reached a maximum altitude of 2,736 m (9,000 ft) above sea level.

Lynda Manko

Landpilot/Director of Operations

Growing up with everything from dogs, cats, skunks, iguanas, chickens and everything else imagineable, I have always had a love of all animals. I have fostered and volunteered for many local organizations and I am the proud mom of several dogs and a cat that were in need of homes. When I look at my own rescued furry children I realize that they rescued me just as much as I have rescued them. Being part of the PAART family as a LandPilot as well as the Community Outreach Director has allowed me to work with such an amazing group of individuals that share the same passion as I in bringing animals from danger to safety.

Jeremy Gugino

Pilot and Right Seat Aficionado

Jeremy Gugino began flying PAART missions in the fall of 2013. Jeremy is a partner at Community Gold and Jewelry Buyers of Western Pennsylvania. An accomplished pilot, Jeremy has flown in all of our aircraft and has been a valuable asset to the team.

Jeff Bonasso

Pilot and Prop Expert

Jeff Bonasso has been a PAART pilot since the fall of 2013. Jeff is an accomplished software programmer and designer who wrote a very popular pilot app for Android and iOS. Jeff has flown missions for us in his Cessna 182 and has had his hand in saving the lives of countless animals.

Kristi McClellan

Pilot and Heartbreaker

Kristi is our youngest pilot. Her love of animals and flying made joining PAART a perfect fit. Kristi and building time and ratings towards becoming an airline pilot. One day you may see her as the captain of your next commercial flight!

Tom McFadden

Pilot and Autopilot Expert

Tom is a very experienced pilot with thousands of hours of flight time under his belt. He brings to the team a vast knowledge of aircrafts, airplane operations and flight planning. With his gentle personality, friendly demeanor, and love of animals Tom is a wonderful asset to the team.

Patrick Wysor

Pilot and Assistant (to the) Chief Pilot

Patrick is our Assistant (to the) Chief Pilot, and has been flying since he was 13 years old. He’s an Apple Certified Mac Technician by day, and a Flight Instructor and PAART pilot in his free time. He adopted his Beagle, Zoe, after his second PAART flight.

Laura Fruehan

Landpilot and Office Assistant

Laura has been a dog person all of her life. Her first dog was a dachshund, who her mom brought home from a tupperware party. Since then she has grown to love very large breeds. Laura found PAART on facebook and felt this was a great way to try and make a difference. In 2015 Laura accepted our very first paid position to become the Office Manager. She keeps everything together and makes sure Brad and Jonathan stay on point.

Jan Kerr

Landpilot/Board Member

Jan has been with the PAART family for the past few years. She came on board as a Landpilot and Fundraiser before joining the PAART Board of Directors in 2017. Jan is a passionate animal lover who works tirelessly to champion their causes.

Frannie Jennings


The need to ensure that our operation works with reputable rescues and shelters is paramount to our non-profit. PAART receives a lot of requests for help and we make sure each mission is carefully vetted before we take anything on. When PAART needs to investigate, we turn to Frannie. Frannie is our official investigator. When a new shelter makes a request Frannie does the research to make sure they are in good standing. If a rescue doesn’t pass her inspection we won’t work with that shelter. Its a vital role for PAART and helps keep us in good standing.